Why go to an exhibition?

Exhibitions are a great way to get seen.

If you are a shop owner, exhibiting is the most powerful, cost effective way to expose your brand in the public eye, there is nowhere else where you have thousands of potential customers walking past you with money in their pockets and are ready to spend it. Not only will you make an immediate return on your investment at the show, you will gain valuable qualified leads for post-show sales.

For hobbyists and clubs alike exhibiting at show you can share your hobby and skills. Exhibitions are the place to showcase all that your hobby has to offer. Meet fellow exhibitors and build new friendships with like-minded people. Clubs use the opportunity to introduce thousands of people to their club and recruit new members.

Why exhibit at the Train and Hobby Show?

 - Largest Hobby show
The Train and Hobby show boasts the largest indoor / outdoor mixed hobby show in Australia, with thousands of visitors over the duration of the show.

 - Best Venue
The Train and Hobby show is fully carpeted and air conditioned in the buildings and a large undercover outdoor area. The show is held at the Sandown Racecourse which is a well renowned venue in Melbourne with great access and facilities.

 - Best Access
The Train and Hobby show has the best bump in and bump out process for exhibitors. One of the biggest headaches for exhibitors is the getting in and set up and then packing down and getting on your way home. Our team has made this as hassle free as possible.

 - Free Parking
There is ample free secure parking for exhibitors. We can provide exhibitors with safe secure parking during the show and secure overnight parking during the show for trailers, trucks and cars.

 - Strong track record
The Train and Hobby show has been operating for over 10 years and is showing growth each year. We have well established ourselves as an innovator not an imitator. Constantly looking for ways to improve the way we do things.

 - The Best Promotional Campaign
The Train and Hobby show has the largest marketing budget in the industry to promote the show. The campaign includes most forms of media including TV commercials, enthusiast publications and social media.

 - Biggest audience
The Train and Hobby show boasts the largest average attendance for this type of show.

 Time to ask yourself a few questions:

Do you want to join us and share your creative hobby with thousands of people?
Do you have a skill or talent that you would like others to know about?
Do you have a fantastic piece of work that no one knows about yet?
Have you built a new model layout and want to show it off?
Do you want to get your shop or brand known in the market?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you should consider becoming part of the LARGEST Train and Hobby 
Show for next year.

It's easy to apply. Simply create an account by clicking here

After you create an account, a new Exhibitors menu block will appear on the right hand side, choose either the "Online application form" or "Download paper application forms" and find the correct form, download it and return it to us! That easy!


Terms and conditions do apply so please read them here.


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